My family

My immediate family consists of my husband Jørund and our son, August Johannes. Jørund and I were married in Trondheim, in the Nidaros Cathedral, in June 1995. We have lived in Oslo since 1996. August was born December 3rd 2002, at Ullevål hospital in Oslo.

In this picture, August is exactly one week old.

My parents, Marit and Oddmar, live in Tromsø, and this is also where I grew up. They live in a house on Kvaløysletta that they built in 1980/81. They have both taken early retirement.

My grandmother Oddrunn lives in Tjeldsund, about an hour's drive away from Harstad, also in northern Norway. She lives in a place called Sæter. She lives alone in the house where my father grew up, and she is lucky enough to have family living close by, so she often gets visitors. She spends a lot of her time doing beautiful crochet and tatting, she has a garden with lovely flowers that take a lot of time tending in summer, she loves cooking and caring for her friends and family whenever they come to visit, and she stays in touch with everyone in her family who lives far away.

Her husband, my grandfather Asbjørn, passed away in the autumn of 1989 and is greatly missed by us all.

This picture of my grandparents with my cat Fia is taken on my parents' balcony, probably in the mid-eighties.

My maternal grandmother Agathe passed away in May 1997, about one month before her 89th birthday. She lived in Borkenes, which is in Kvæfjord, also not far from Harstad. I always used to spend part of my summer holidays with her when I was a kid, and we always had a good time. She taught me many things and I miss her a lot. Her husband, my grandfather Morten, passed away in 1972, and I sadly have no memory of him at all.

The picture on the left is probably from early in the eighties and shows my two grandmothers (Oddrunn to the left and Agathe on the right) and my grandfather Asbjørn in the middle. The picture on the right shows my mother as a little girl with her parents.

My brother Øyvind and his wife Ingunn live in Trondheim with their daughter Inga, who was born July 2004. They are both researchers, Øyvind works at Uninett in Trondheim; Ingunn works at the university of Trondheim.

My nephew Vegard lives with his mother, stepfather and sister in France, close to Lyon. He began his schooling in France, then his family moved back to Norway, where he was enrolled in the French school in Oslo. He will be 18 this summer.

This picture, from the summer of 1989, shows four generations of Eilertsens. On the left, my father, then my grandfather, and on the right my brother holding my nephew.

My sister-in-law, Sigrid, has been living in Los Angeles since 1997. She recently finished her PhD in geography at UCLA.

My parents-in-law, Hild and Eivind, live at Skatval, about an hour's drive from Trondheim. They are both teachers. We had a great trip to Los Angeles with them in March 2002 to celebrate Eivind's 60th birthday there.

This picture of Eivind, Hild and Sigrid was taken at the Getty museum in L.A.

My grandmother-in-law Solveig (Hild's mother) lives in the center of Trondheim.

This picture of her was taken at our wedding in 1995.

Solveig's husband Tore sadly passed away in 1998, at the age of 84.

Tore giving a speech at our wedding.

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