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Kunnskapsforlagets Store Norske leksikon is Norway's largest encyclopedia and is now published on the Web. This is what I have mainly worked with the past years, so take a look!

Google Groups has the largest archive of Usenet postings.

My MBTI personality type is INFJ; you can read more about what this means on Dolphin Cove, which is the homepage of the INFJ mailing list.

The Jargon File, version 4.4.7
The World Wide Web Acronym and Abbreviation server
The alt.usage.english FAQ
The Oxford English Dictionary Online

The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive, an archive on lots of mathematicians and historical mathematics topics.
The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of the Usenet newsgroup sci.math.
The archive of the newsgroup alt.folklore.urban: The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
The web pages of USENET Norge (the Norwegian part of UseNet): USENET Norge
The homepages of Amnesty International Norsk Avdeling (AINA) (in Norwegian): Amnestynett
Free literature on the net: Project Gutenberg.
Search for ebooks online at the Online Books Page
Free Scandinavian literature on the net: Project Runeberg.
German literature can be found at the Projekt Gutenberg-DE

The Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall

Recipes and food

The recipe archive of the Usenet newsgroup
Mortens Opskriftsamling is a collection of more than 4000 recipes in many categories.
The Internet Chef On-Line Magazine has an extensive and searchable archive with many food categories. contains Norwegian recipes (in Norwegian only), many of them from the newsgroup no.mat.
More recipes in Norwegian at Wenches kjøkken, from the TV station TV2.
Apéritif is a very good Norwegian online magazine on cooking and related subjects. is also Norwegian, and has very good information on baking, desserts and sweets.

Various links on Norway, the official site of the Norwegian Tourist Board's site about Norway

Sons of Norway's homepage - they have several information pamphlets about Norway and Norwegian culture

Norwaves has a collection of information about Norway in several languages

Here is a nice site, maintained by a Norwegian woman living in the USA, where you can find pictures, recipes and lots of information about Norway. You can even learn some Norwegian words (and hear how they are pronounced)!

Oslo If you'd like to see what my home city of Oslo looks like right now, take a look here.

Here you can see a picture of what the weather in Tromsø currently is like. Tromsø Tromsø is the city where I grew up. It is farther north than most Americans are willing to believe (it has to do with the Gulf Stream; look it up when you get home!), so you might be surprised at how dark it is there (or light, depending on the time of year!).

Trondheim You should also visit Trondheim, where I spent the years from August 1989 until January 1996. The weather there is mostly awful, and the inhabitants a wee bit too patriotic, but it's still a nice place to be a student. The city celebrated its 1000 years' anniversary in 1997.

Most of my family and friends don't have homepages. A few of them do, though:

AugustAugust Rian

JørundJørund Rian

Kari Løvaas

Anders Buen

I spend quite some time on Norwegian newsgroups; you can see some of my fellow newsers on this gallery of people from news.

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