A special page for my friends from Munich '94!

(If the phrase "Munich '94" doesn't mean anything to you, you can take a look at this page.)

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Our Oktoberfest 2000-reunion (M2K - Munich 2000) is still the number one item here. I have gathered all mine and Jørund's pictures in two galleries - one with scanned slides (Gallery 1, opens in separate window) and one with scanned APS pictures (Gallery 2). Christian Melin's digital pictures have been put in their very own gallery (Christian's gallery).

Here are a few pictures from various gatherings of Munich94-ers in other places than Munich:

Tiina and Alex visited us in Oslo in 1996:

Front: my brother Øyvind, Tiina, my sister-in-law Ingunn; back: Alex and myself.

Jørund, myself and Utku visited Alex and Tati in Los Angeles in 1998:

Alex, Utku and I at the LA airport

In front of the restaurant "The Dive"

From left: Jørund, Dan and Eni (friends of Tati and Alex), Tati, Alex and Utku.

Jørund and I visited Utku in Istanbul in 1999:

Utku, Sinan and I writing postcards to other Munich94-ers

Anne Gimeno and her husband Alexandre came by us in Oslo one week before M2K, and we had dinner together at our favourite neighborhood Indian restaurant, Darbar:
Jørund, Anne E, Anne G and Alexandre

In 2001, Jørund and I visited Tiina in Helsinki and also met Vivi and Paula:

Vivi and Paula
Vivi and Paula

Paula, Tiina, Vivi and me at the train station in Helsinki:
Paula, Tiina, Vivi, Anne

In 2002, Utku visited Jørund and me in Oslo:

Utku and Anne
Utku and me outside the Munch museum in Oslo

Utku and Trine
Utku and our friend Trine at Tøyen (where we live)

Jørund and Utku
Jørund and Utku waiting for the ferry back from Bygdøy, after having seen the Kon-Tiki museum

Of course I have a lot of pictures from the actual summer of 1994. Below you can see some of these.

Group picture with Czech beer:
Group with beer on boat!
Back: Christian, Vivi, Utku, Sinan; front: Juha, Alex and me.

Group picture with German beer.
Group with beer in beergarden
From left: Bas, Paula, NN, Bernhard, Toi, Toi's girlfriend, me; in the back is Utku.

Champagne in Prague.
Group with champagne in theatre
Back: Me, Bernhard, Juha, Vivi, Jens and Elke; front: Tiina, Marcus and Özgür.

Bas and Paula:
Bas and Paula

Tiina at the Oktoberfest ("GVD Leasing bezahlt ALLES!"):

And finally, the lovely view of Prague ...
Alex, Anne, Bas, Özgur, Utku
(From left: Alex, me, Bas, Özgür and Utku.)

If you want the URL to the address page (updated addresses and phone numbers, plus birth dates, pictures etc.), send me an e-mail and I'll tell you. Similarly, if you'd like high resolution copies of any of the pictures, just say so.

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