Hello world!

Hello there. My name is Anne and I am from Norway. *wave*

Cold facts first: I was born in 1970, I majored in mathematics and work as an encyclopedia editor, which I believe to be a profession well-suited to introverted intuitives who find it important that they, and others, get their facts right.

According to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator I am an INFJ. (You can find out more about this type on http://www.infj.org.) I am an Idealist, with plenty of cynicism and black humour to temper it with, and a pronounced love for logical thinking.

I understand others and take pride and pleasure in that, and if I am not always as well understood by them in return, I know deep down that this is probably more my own fault than anything else. Perhaps it does feel safer to be the one who understands than the understood. Similarly I tend to feel better with caring for than with being taken care of.

I am not religious (in most reasonable meanings of that word). I never kill animals if I can help it (mosquitoes and horseflies are exceptions, if they attack me), but have no qualms eating meat. I adore cats, but my husband even more, and since he is allergic we have settled for tortoises instead. They are not as cuddly but almost as cute, and they don't rip the furniture much...

My main interest/love/obsession is probably communication and language, in many different forms and aspects. I am a terrible nitpicker when it comes to spelling and phrasing (and apologize once and for all for any mistakes I might make here or elsewhere in my pages - English is my second language). I enjoy cooking and am fairly lazy. I don't dance and can't sing. I watch a lot of movies, listen a lot to music and read a lot of fiction. I like things to be both beautiful and functional, but am more of a slob than a snob when it comes to clothing for myself. In general, I enjoy people even though they tire me out from time to time. I express myself better in writing than in talking, but have become better at talking and socializing over the years. One of my preferred activities is going out for beer and discussions with friends.

I dislike stupidity, bigotry, exaggerated self-centeredness (but not necessarily arrogance) and whining in all forms, shades and implementations.

And according to my father, I have inherited his twisted sense of humour. So don't blame me. 

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