Here are some photographs from some of our holidays. You can see some other photos at my family page and at my Munich 94 page.

Helsinki 2001


Budapest 2000


Istanbul 1999

The new city part with the Galata tower The Galata bridge Ortaköy seen from the boat The Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia) The Ayasofya The Yerebatan Saray
Column from the Yerebatan Saray Cafe Medussa Jørund on the ferry across the Bosphorus Anne and Utku enjoying the beer at cafe Urban Utku and his friend Ali Ali and Jørund at a restaurant
The waiter bringing bread Büyükada street Azize and Jørund Azize and Utku in a horse carriage Horse parking in Büyükada Azize, Utku and Jørund in front of our carriage
Jørund in Utku's livingroom Sinan and Alev in their flat Utku, Anne and Sinan writing postcards


Los Angeles 1998

The Universal logo Anne and Jørund in front of the Universal logo Jørund eating a dinoburger! Sigrid and her car The Luxor hotel The MGM hotel
The New York New York hotel Statue of Liberty Jørund playing the slot machine Alex, Utku and Anne Utku and Anne Alex and Tati
Utku with a strawberry Margarita Tati and Eni Utku and Alex Outside 'The Dive' Jørund and Anne outside 'The Dive'
Utku, Anne and Alex outside 'The Dive' Gato Utku and Tati washing up Anne and a mammoth Jørund and a mastodont Prehistoric souvenirs at the La Brea




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